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шкафы купе под заказ

A compartment from the manufacturer in St. Petersburg

Cabinets compartment to order in St. Petersburg are very popular. Demand for cabinets coupe and built-in furniture began to grow in 2000, along with the number of manufacturers of furniture, was formed in 2000 and our furniture company. Today, it is hardly possible to find an apartment, home or office, where there is no such a wonderful and comfortable furniture item as a compartment. The secret to the popularity of cabinets with doors departing?
шкаф купе встроенный белое стекло  Sliding wardrobe and cupboards can make the room coupe apartment or home more beautiful, functional and spacious. Creating a direct line of the wall, even in a room with curved walls or to have more than four corners, cabinet’s coupe maintain strict geometry of the shape of the room. And to create a unique design space with a variety of cabinet compartment door coupe help: with wooden or mirror-filled, tinted glass or colored glass with a picture - what they are, you pick and choose to your taste and the interior of your home. Buy a compartment to order in St. Petersburg - easy, you just need to call the designer. Before calling the designer you just be clear on what size cabinet compartment will come to your premises, which filled the enclosure is necessary that you plan to store in the closet compartment. Start by defining the tasks to be assigned to the next closet. Placing cabinet compartment in the hallway implies rods for clothes, a pair of drawers for small items, and a large common attic shelf for storage, such as skis or luggage. If it is a bedroom, you will need more small shelves for folded clothes or clothes, shelves for storage of large bedding or other items, and of a number of drawers. If the limited living space a place to hang clothes. The number of sections cabinet compartment may only be restricted dimensions of the room and your things. If this is a dressing room with the usual entrance into the room, it is best to order the internal filling cabinet compartment with one large section for rods for hangers, and one or two sections with shelves and drawers.
Once defined dimensions and internal filling cabinet compartment, you can start the selection of materials and design of the compartment door. It is important to pay attention to the design of the profile of the compartment door and inserts. If your room already has a mirror, and I want to make a mirrored door coupe, it is better to stay on the option of combining mirrors with wood or color film. If the mirrors in the room, not, will look elegant door coupe as a fully mirrored and combined version. With pure mirror door coupe, tinted mirror or normal glass sandblasted - room space is thereby considerably increased. If you want to mute the flip, then this can be achieved by spraying sandblasting, tinting color film or drawing of an elegant design. To perform the chosen tasks fit cabinet’s coupe on order from the manufacturer. A compartment under the order can be extremely varied and in the external design and internal. Good option for the production of cabinet’s coupe will make for you a furniture company «ART-Design», as it offers its own furniture production. Please note that our furniture company manufactures cabinets coupe in St. Petersburg only to order, standard cabinets coupe does not manufacture or sell the finished furniture.

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