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Cabinet compartment

A compartment

Dimensions cabinet compartment can be any. When planning the depth cabinet compartment to consider a few points:

Глубина шкафа купе и внутреннее наполнение аксесуарами шкафа For a start, there is adopted by all manufacturers of furniture standard depth standard cabinet with swing doors - it is 600 millimeters. For cabinet compartment , this depth is a bit small as 80 millimeters on the depth of the cabinet took door coupe . When designing a cabinet compartment, the total cabinet depth is 650-700 mm, and for the compartment door is laid 100 millimeters, for that would be able to move normally door coupe without touching clothes hanging on hangers. Accordingly, the depth of the shelves, boxes and sections under garments is 550-600 mm in the usual standard cabinet with hinged doors. This cabinet depth leverages internal space and filling cabinet compartment, placing an upper maximum size on hangers. At shallower cabinet compartment recommended retractable hang themselves (trambon) on which you have to place the clothes in the enclosure width. This option is not to everyone's taste, as this method of storing clothes, closet operates less efficiently, but at a narrow space such as a hallway, can only be an option, as in a narrow corridor can put a compartment 400-450mm. The second very important point in ordering cabinet compartment - setting the standard internal filling cabinet . Pull-out shoe racks, baskets, arrangements for pants, mesh, mechanisms for ties and belts and other internal filling body for cabinets coupe is only a certain standard. The standard size of the domestic content must also be considered. Under cabinet depth of 600 millimeters coupe you easily will choose whichever option you accessories Italian, Finnish and German manufacturers. If you have chosen embedded internal filling cabinet compartment to IKEA, the overall depth of the cabinet compartment shall be 700 mm, as all accessories in store IKEA cabinet depth 570-590mm. If you are planning to book a compartment cheap , it makes sense to consider buying a standard internal filling and accessories to order cabinet compartment . This is necessary in order to make clear the size you buy accessories for the future cabinet, since dimensions inexpensive accessories, especially "ikeevskoy" always fixed. About as cheap IKEA furniture we will not say that is so well known.

And of course we can not tell you about the most important point - is the ability to mount cabinet compartment in the room. For this is a preliminary measurement of the room. Certainly, if the room does not establish a compartment of normal size, you have to sacrifice all of the above moments filled with inexpensive and order wardrobe such dimensions are possible in the area. Our furniture company manufactures cabinets compartment to order any height and depth of your project.

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