Production of non-standard furniture

Production of non-standard furniture

Production of non-standard furniture

Custom furniture is an integral part of any modern interior apartment or country house. Whether it is a hall with a corridor, bedroom or child's room, kitchen or living room, modern apartments with no clear plan, - can not do without a custom furniture. Furniture made of quality materials, corresponding to a particular style and design of the house or apartment and the individual preferences of the owners accommodation, a stylish, modern, comfortable and most importantly - a custom-made furniture will adorn any apartment, office or cottage. To make your furniture made to order, consistent with all of the above data and the characteristics of its production should occur only in a highly professional furniture hardware, furniture craftsmen of the case. That is the furniture made to order, offering furniture company «Art-Design». Our furniture manufacturing works in the furniture market of St. Petersburg for the production of high-quality custom-made furniture since 2000, and over the years been able to please a lot of furniture made of apartments, retail and office centers, and town houses on the area of St. Petersburg.

Offered by our custom-made furniture : cabinets coupe, kitchens, nurseries, living rooms, dressing rooms, office furniture and hotel furniture, fully meets the highest requirements and standards for furniture production. Furniture Company "Art - Design" offers a manufacturer of furniture to order at competitive prices without the various store prices. Cooperation with our company's shopping centers, suppliers of furniture accessories is mutually beneficial to the accuracy and with our customers in the furniture, as the company «Art-Design» - this is just a furniture manufacturer, not the reseller. Accordingly, only in our company, you can book case furniture on an individual project, the most profitable for a price.

Our production offers a wide range of custom furniture for child care and your children's rooms, furniture for offices, classrooms, kitchens, compartment, locker room, living room furniture, bedroom, furniture for hotels and hostels. A variety of options and design direction of all our manufactured furniture manufacturing makes it possible to implement any of your whims and desires. For children's rooms and facilities used only high-quality and environmentally friendly material production of the Austrian Egger, which is especially important in the regeneration of nurseries, kindergartens and schools.

To order furniture , you just need to call our phone numbers:

(812) 987-36-42

(905) 259-29-08

(812) 980-36-42

Call the designer or gager .

You can also use the email form on the site, to render the cost of furniture .

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