Manufacture of furniture to order

Manufacture of furniture to order

Manufacture of furniture to order

Transform any room, you can create a unique interior with one important component - the furniture. That it helps designers to make your dreams into reality, transforming a standard room in the comfortable, practical and bright.

Manufacturing of furniture to order - the main specialization of the furniture factory "Art-Design". We can help make your space is not only attractive but also functional. Custom furniture allows you to create an interior space to suit individual needs. Our manufacturing furniture on individual projects is based on the use of modern high quality materials with a large selection of colors and creative approach to the layout of the room.

The service of our company for the production of custom-made furniture in Petersburg, you can create stylish furnished apartments, private houses, offices, shops, beauty salons, entertainment centers, hotels and banks.

Furniture for individual orders - a wide range of models

Furniture factory "Art-Design" offers a large selection of various models and design solutions. Our furniture is custom made - it is always fresh design ideas for the interior. Along with a wide variety of colors and patterns, we offer a wide range of environmentally friendly materials for the production of furniture custom-built, as well as furniture for the home, shop and office.

Our company prefers to manufacture custom-made furniture of high quality and durable materials of foreign manufacture. We are working with the best manufacturers of components, consumables and accessories, as well as stylish accessories. You can buy furniture to order more than 150 colors from the leading manufacturers in Poland, Germany, Canada, Italy and France.
We produce office, living room, bedroom and nursery furniture to order, using materials such as bamboo, rattan, chipboard, veneer, mirror drawing, artificial leather, colored plastics and many others. Our experts are paying attention to different elements of decoration, as well as the functional aspect of the production of furniture to order, as well as built-in, office, retail and furniture for the home.

You can choose a ready-made models, and order the production of furniture for individual projects, according to your wishes. Always available for a wide range of furniture collections to suit every taste.
Manufacture of furniture custom made in Petersburg at an affordable price
Our specialists have extensive experience in plant design and manufacture of furniture to order. In the manufacturing process, we use modern equipment and the development of their own that would provide high-quality furniture at affordable prices.

In " Art-Design", you can buy custom-made furniture inexpensively. The process of making furniture to order a fairly time-consuming and complicated, so it is left to professionals. Our experts will help transform any room.

Cost of production of furniture, built for home, office, beauty salons, shops and banks formed on the basis of volume, complexity of work, as well as the quality of materials used. Our furniture factory offers customers to buy any expensive custom-made furniture, including the elite. With the expertise of our designers and computer graphics, you can create any interior design of your choice.

Manufacturing of furniture to order - it's our job, to which we approach responsibly, creatively and with knowledge of the business. If you are interested in quality furniture to order any models, sizes and colors, we offer a large selection of furnishings to suit every taste and purse.

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