Furniture business

furniture business

What makes most furniture companies in St. Petersburg

In general, it is not a secret, but viewing this page Furniture Forum , many furniture manufacturers will begin to express their dissatisfaction on our website and on the websites of other furniture . Excellent understand that , as they say, " give out secrets ," but it's Furniture Forum , and all that is written here - refers to the furniture theme. Such articles in the Internet a large number , just dial in Yandex search request for the furniture business . So that the subject does not cause any confusion or, worse , lead to the closure of most furniture companies , which will be here we are . Furniture is needed by all , simply increase the number of users who understand the structure of contemporary furniture market Petersburg and other regions of Russia, and consciously choosing to order furniture in the store, directly from the manufacturer or the furniture still try to make furniture the hands . Although it is always better to do their work .
Furniture business is very diverse. You will not believe , but the furniture in St. Petersburg do not only those who have their own production and who found the money to buy the machine and sawing machine for processing the edge of furniture parts , which in total are at least 15-20 thousand dollars . And this is just the normal machines , not from expensive options . Since serious cutting machine worth 250 thousand dollars. Not to mention programmable machines - robots handling furniture parts . Supposedly about 60-80% of the furniture companies do not have any equipment, except electric hand tools . And most furniture exhibitions and shows for the manufacture of furniture to order do not even have our own production. Many " mebelshchiki " bought cut and edge banding on furniture parts in neighboring organizations , although significantly overpaying for these services . It is much easier to all services ordered on the side. And costs just include in the bill on the furniture. That's right, and grow the value of the amount of furniture when you order from "experts furniture makers ."
Although what I say, all who started a furniture business and manufacturing , and sale of furniture. Most start from scratch. All plans have a desire to buy all existing machines in this thread used for furniture production. To rent a large room under all equipment . Only , alas, 99 % beginner furniture makers did not have the money. Finance was not, but really wanted to make furniture . And more than half of "woe furniture makers " do not understand the meaning of business and doing things only come to the "correct thought" that for furniture manufacturing machines are not needed . The more that is more than half the same as they were " furniture makers " flourishing in the furniture business and are thinking about buying professional equipment for furniture manufacturing. From here and the prices are tightened terms and low quality furniture. So began many , but not all have stayed at this level.
How do many furniture companies in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities
So, on what basis such work "woe furniture makers " and as actually formed at the cost of furniture hacks without normal production and equipment ?
Principle earnings furniture such organizations built on these actions. Furniture store receives an order from the customer to make, say, a dressing room or cabinet compartment . The designer then prepares drawings of furniture. Designer calculates the sizes of all the details , places to drill holes , counts the number of edges and the necessary accessories. Then prepared materials and cutting cards supplier , if present , is sent to the purchasing of all components at wholesale base selling materials and accessories for furniture . Usually these bases practiced maximum discounts for regular customers. Most of these databases provides a full range of services from sales of materials and fittings , and to cutting edge materials lining details . Since they are well aware that most of the " furniture manufacturers " does not own the equipment. And, of course , for such a number of clients , you will be interested in their range of services and sales. Furniturer not having equipment to cover a base cost of materials, accessories and components , and the same discount orders sawing chipboard and other sheet materials as well as furniture parts trim edge. In addition, on the same basis he may order the production of ready- door coupe for the cabinet or closet, not to spend time assembling them in his "shop" . Checkout for materials and processing , hack - you can say free until the date of its execution. Typically, the cut out and the edge of two to four days.
On the day of the order , gets ready to mount a furniture parts glued edge , accessories and ready- door coupe with runners in size for the cabinet compartment or dressing room . And all this stuff he was carrying in his mini assembly shop . There depending on the conditions , he or his carpenters collectors perform additive aperture size specified in the project of furniture , or you can calculate all dimensions detailing . Well, after all of this is sent to the customer at the address where the build and installation of wardrobe or cabinet compartment . If such a firm skimp on professional furniture hardware, it is in the collectors and furniture also used cheap power tools : electric drill , screwdriver , screwdriver , level, in general, usually just a tool that nowadays there are many houses . Since it is not thinking about the development of its production , such mebelshik never buy even necessary when building a professional tool , for example Hilti, RidGid or Milwaukee. And so people bought in the salons of St. Petersburg elite wardrobe cupboards or closets for three to five thousand dollars.
Such a conclusion , even if the order making the steep furniture furniture salon furniture or large complex, you should not think that will make your furniture on time and on professional equipment in a large furniture industry , you can very much mistaken. A lot of furniture companies that work with large furniture stores salons. And these furniture companies and " firmochki " assume only additive furniture parts and installation, all the main production are bought in large furniture companies . So , perhaps your wardrobe, closet or kitchen is not made in the production in "garage shop " located somewhere in the garage cooperative . That's the reality. When ordering furniture on a serious amount , you can visit for its tranquility manufacturing company. If this is a solid company, you will be invited without problems.
How much can you earn in the manufacture of furniture to order?
And now the most important thing - the profits from the manufacture of furniture . After all, and in fact , I wonder how a real value or considered dressing cabinet compartment . In normal furniture manufacturers total cost of furniture , it's cost of materials and fittings , multiplied by a factor of 2 . This amount is enough for all of the costs , rent , paying employees and get a small percentage of the profits . Under these operating conditions , and the customers are satisfied , and furniture manufacturers , since at low cost increases the volume of customers, respectively, and the company's profits . As the saying goes : " Every little helps - naked shirt ." A " cabinet maker " not having the normal production , or as they are called " garazhniki " calculates the value of the furniture is quite different. As for the lack of good equipment and organized its production costs in manufacturing is much higher than the real organization . They plus all materials , accessories and components , cost cutting and machining , manufacturing door coupe , transport costs and labor carpenters furniture collectors . Then all of this total amount hack multiplies by " his personal factor ." The value of this coefficient depends upon himself and his personal beliefs . Thought out design complexity cabinet , the cost of materials and the magnitude of its customer wallet . About his personal preferences , vacation expenses , we probably keep silent , additional factors that increase the value of your order furniture. As a result, the value of its order at times more of the same order of furniture decorated in a large enterprise . But it all develops over the years , the authority of the enterprise grows , and the " garazhnika " falls through the floor . Since such " Furniture Makers " is the worst enemy called "competition" , and reviews on the Internet , not to mention the " word of mouth ". Sometimes there is a feeling that furniture makers in St. Petersburg more than all the inhabitants of the city . But they do not just want to exist, but also to thrive in your business . And that's how they combine their requests with real furniture market and with such competition? Oddly enough , but most of the output is . Only once again this option survival pulls those at the very bottom , and acquire terrible authority. Due to current market conditions , they are able to buy low-grade Chinese and Turkish furniture hardware costs several times cheaper than the German and Italian fittings and accessories . That's true in the life of such products is typically a maximum of four - five months , and then , with the proviso that it normally will collect and install. Usually facades on cheap Chinese hinges week later begin to sag and rails of unknown metal , resembling foil after the first days of operation simply break. Door coupe from the Chinese or Turkish Profile impossible normally collect as metal - just crumpled already in the assembly , although the original profile RaumPlus guarantee system performance up to 25 years. It turns out that the buyer cabinet compartment or other cabinet furniture , choosing products offer the lowest cost , signed the verdict of his future furniture , and the joy of inexpensive acquisition, a month later overshadowed by disappointment and other problems by providing services to search for artists ' furniture repair . "
Complexity , risk and the work process in the manufacture of furniture ?
Logically , those who invested in their operations or found sponsors to develop the company , and that to this day , despite the crises and defaults , works fine and well. Although this is not always the case in reality. Alas, in the manufacture of furniture is not the most important volumes of plants and equipment, and employees .
The fact that the whole process of making furniture from work zamerschika and designer , design drawings and project designer of the order, and finishing the installation of manufactured furniture at home at the client requires the manufacturer of furniture of high responsibility . After all, from acceptance of the order, to install , there is a risk or prevent what a mistake that would have to pay for their own finances.
And the most important sectors in the manufacturing of the order is the correct measurement of the premises , not only the size , but the angles and wall and floor level . Next to errors in the design drawings of furniture , as well as additive holes. The main furniture in the order as the last step - it is the assembly and installation of furniture on the address of the customer. As you can see , to perform the basic steps of the Order requires expensive measuring equipment, power tools and experience in the manufacture of furniture . Here and conclusions of all of the above is that when you are ready to take on the production of furniture , the cost of furniture made with their own hands many times higher than if you ordered furniture directly from the manufacturer's normal , " the mountain of furniture makers " in comparison does not take. Real furniture manufacturers can always be found , for example , the portal furniture companies in St. Petersburg.
Is it hard to make furniture in the home ?
You want to make furniture the hands , and you still want to save finances , but are afraid or unsure of their capabilities ? And do not worry , the main thing in any case - that desire. You all just think carefully and calculate all the stages in this undertaking , and all you wonderful work. So, we found the most crucial steps in the manufacture of furniture furniture organizations. To do competently , drafting drawings of furniture should be trained in some furniture program and make a couple of test project room or kitchen furniture in your home. The accuracy of the calculations of the project depends on the result of all the furniture of your work and knowledge of the furniture business. But if you visit our furniture website, then you already know where you can download programs to learn how to make furniture and quality furniture designs and interior of your home . So, how to create designs and drawings of the furniture we got . Now proceed to calculate the additive hole assembly and installation of furniture. In the presence of skilled hands , this step in the manufacture of furniture , too, is not so complicated. In this section of our website we put furniture for your free trial of our visitors all the information necessary in order to enable you to make yourself quality furniture for your home . When the dope holes in furniture parts important just carefully calculate all of your drawing. And for the first time several times better remeasure your layout before you pick up a drill or screwdriver . Worry about making a mistake not worth it, because if you think about it , be sure to get " cant ." Yes, and furniture industries are working ordinary people , and many of them do not have outstanding expertise in design and calculations for furniture. And they are not afraid of something there and sit down holes measure in detail. And that is typical , most of all turns and even quite good. In general, do not worry , this is normal operation . Proceed to better educate programs and furniture manufacturing furniture . If there is any doubt in the independent creation of furniture , then we'll allowances to assist you. You can order furniture online furniture production , without any intermediaries and extra costs.

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