Furniture with his own hands

How to make a cabinet furniture with his own hands

Most people who have never encountered a furniture manufacturer , they find it difficult task , requiring specific skills and the availability of quality power tools. And rightly think. Of course, for making of furniture need professional hand and power tools. Do not think that you need the most common set of tools that can be purchased at any hardware store as a good tool not to buy at the supermarket, even if it is written or HILTI RIDGID, it's all fake Chinese-made tool. And for high-quality processing and cutting chipboard require expensive machines. But the skills and experience they certainly do not interfere and the person who has knowledge in the manufacture of furniture, make the product better and in a short time. But if you decide to make his own furniture, you have to understand the basics a little furniture manufacturing and furniture master program Kitchen Draw or PRO100, and then you will be able to produce quality furniture better than a professional furniture maker. The problem is that very few people know the technology of manufacturing furniture. What steps need to pass in the process of manufacturing and designing furniture?
Step1. Determine the design, size, shape and colors of furniture.
First of all, you should know what you want to do closet, kitchen or children's furniture. Need to determine the size and color of furniture, decide what materials will be made your furniture and accessories and fittings which you plan to use. Then you need to develop blueprints for future furniture design program. And why do we need drawings and furniture project?
The fact that the basis of any furniture product is furniture project. You cannot make quality children's furniture or closet, drawing a sketch by hand, especially if there is no skill in the manufacture of furniture. All must be carefully draw and make a miscalculation and do detailing for each module products. These are two very important stages of manufacture of any products that require specific knowledge on designing furniture and cutting materials. Learn all this, never working in the furniture company and not having veins design is quite difficult. Of course, you can easily make a simple drawing of shelves, office desk and maybe even chest with hinged doors. But here is to create a real drawing and design of children's furniture, kitchen cabinet compartment or the same desk with drawers, much problematic. After all, only one error in the map material cutting and you can spoil a sheet of material, which costs money, not to mention his delivery and other costs. In addition, when a small error, your furniture manufacturer will be delayed for a longer time. So before you give in cutting materials, you have to be 100% sure in the accuracy of calculations. And it's better to spend a little time and check out all the drawings, miscalculations and well-studied yet and all sizes used in your furniture fittings.
First of all , we must decide what you want to do, how it will look your future furniture, which it will have the size and whether they are suitable for your home, what materials and the number of leaves for its manufacture , and then start developing the project design and mapping cut materials. To avoid creating problems yourself at this stage, it is easier to do a project in the near furniture store.
Step2. Buy the necessary materials: chipboard and MDF, and then order them to cut your cards and cut edging on finished parts. This can be done in any furniture organization.
Now, when you are ready to cut and map future furniture designs and a list of necessary materials for the manufacture of the product, the next thing to do - is to purchase these materials, order them cut and trim parts edge. Edge better not to use melamine and ABS. All facial edge portion 2mm and 0.4mm hidden. In St. Petersburg, in every district there are hundreds of companies manufacturing furniture to order or for cutting materials. All you need is to order material sawing machine for professional and high-quality sticky edges on the ends of furniture parts. In fact, the simplest professional machine for sawing chipboard - looks like a circular saw, only saw for laminate is another scoring drive. Scoring drive has a small size and its speed is much higher than the primary drive to neatly trim the laminate surface with the bottom of the sheet chipboard. He stands in front of the main cutting disc to hard when cutting edge was not chipping the laminate. When purchasing materials or the like in Maksidome stores, conventional sawing material "parketkoy" and respectively on the one hand are present parts chipped. "Chips on the furniture"- is a major problem because of which it is impossible to accurately cut out stuff in the store and even more so at home. Of course, some "craftsmen " are trying to cut chipboard normal " parketkoy " pre- placing on the plate ( as drinking goes below ) particleboard or fiberboard sheet if you need to file what the item is , then this option can be used , but , alas, not for cutting plate . And time and problems facing spent on such domestic sawmill, as well as the risk of spoiling a bunch of stuff unjustified. Especially the cost per meter cut in most organizations providing services for cutting chipboard does not exceed 15 rubles. Therefore, to avoid this nonsense and do not waste your time and money , then cut furniture parts is best to book in specialized organizations dealing cut and edging furniture parts .
Even in ordering the cut parts has its own quirks. For example, if you decide to make a small bedside table, for example, a shelf or drawer. Then in that case it is easier to drive to the nearest furniture company , and give direct sawyer list of necessary parts with dimensions to pay a symbolic amount for the material and sawing, and an hour or two to pick up the sawn and zakromkovannye details. In this embodiment, even because of the rapidity of manufacturing cost will be much lower than if officially ordered all services and materials. Since the purchase of one square meter of material related services will be much higher, but it is still more profitable than buying in a store or on the basis of a whole sheet chipboard, take him to the shop and saw. If you plan to make a large closet or children's furniture, you will need 4-10 sheets of chipboard, and even different colors and thicknesses. In this case, it is better to acquire the necessary number of sheets of chipboard and ordered them to saw, cut the cards according to your furniture in the same organization. Cost per square meter of the material and the cut will be considerably cheaper than in previous versions. Although many production makes furniture to order, can you make the necessary furniture is much cheaper than all of your vanity, learning programs and delivery of materials you spent your time.
It is also important to know the following:
• In St. Petersburg there are several wholesale suppliers plates chipboard, fiberboard and worktops. In all of these organizations can be ordered sawing materials and furniture parts trim edge. This is the best and most convenient option. Buying material at the base, and ordering services for sawing and edging, you do not need to spend money on transportation chipboard, fiberboard or tabletops.
• In addition, the bases actually purchase material and furniture hardware, and other accessories at the best value. Even when compared to the large DIY stores, you buy Italian and German hardware is 5-10 times cheaper than store-bought Chinese.
• In any organization the furniture you can order cut chipboard, MDF, countertops and other decorative sheet materials. The cost per meter of cut depends on the material and thickness of the coating. Since countertop cut much more complicated and problematic than a sheet of chipboard. As fully modern decorative sheet materials for facade furniture pieces that can be cut only brand new disks, regardless of the quality of the equipment that was not chipped.
• Before ordering sawing, be sure to stipulate with this organization procedures in case of emergencies. Human factors, from no man is infallible. For example, you brought the finished furniture into his apartment, began to check them, and suddenly there is a discrepancy in the size of some of the details. The question naturally arises: "Why did not check the dimensions of parts on the spot, when they shipped? " The fact that hundreds of items to check for compliance with the size, but still had not confronted with this - it is practically impossible, and leave it at the common man more than one hour. And, of course, you cannot check the details at the time of their receipt in the shop, because in addition you will have more customers. As a rule, all serious furniture companies without problems change, finish or rework parts, claims are received within a maximum of a week after production. Since you are applying as an individual, you need to specify the moment! After all, it may take more time and when you run into a non-existent item sizes. And be sure to save the map cut!
• pasting edge ABS, 0.4 mm thick stands , as well as sticking ABS edge 2mm . This is due to the fact that the process of stickers thick edge is the same as that of the fine, in both cases, the edge of the edge you want to mill after application, which does not increase the time spent on her treatment. The cost depends on the facing edge of its thickness and not from the work machine.
At this stage , we take a cut card details needed to make your furniture , go organization that provides services for cutting sheets of chipboard and MDF furniture components and wall edge ABS. We go to the office and place orders for nesting material and gluing required edges or plastic. Coordinate, unexpected moments, if they cut the size of the details wrong, although in all of these organizations is provided in the contract. If all goes well, we make payment for materials , sawing, edge and trim edge. When we get the payment agreement, confirming the payment and order fulfillment. If little or orders placed items on the " urgent ", then go to a nearby cafe and wait for the call, if the organization ahoy , then going home to wait for the term of your order .
Step3. Delivery of finished furniture items to you in an apartment or a house.
The next important step in the production of furniture is finished parts delivery to your home. Furniture items must be transported very carefully, otherwise laminated to corner parts can break away, and the look of your furniture will be spoiled. Also if you accidentally hit a grain of sand between the parts they can cover delivery scratches, the same story can happen if you put the items on the floor of the body is not adapted for the carriage of items and furniture. To avoid this, you need to wrap a few details dense film or in a simple form in the absence of «stretch» to put on the bottom of the body remains of fiberboard and are already sawn add details. Moreover, it is necessary to put them close to each other, to the items hanging on the body and not hitting one of the other, when the machine will make turns or brake abruptly. All this just to make, otherwise you will spoil part of the delivery details.
At the stage of delivery of materials is better to book the package and cut his delivery truck on the organization in which you have bought the material and ordered cut as furniture transportation organizations prepared and designed to deliver the sheet materials and furniture.
Step4. What materials and what facades order.
Facades for furniture, move on to the finer points of order facades for your furniture. And we start with the conventional facades of MDF. As you probably know MDF facades, not supplied with sheets, and certain individual parts dimensional grid, and each organization, it is a little different. Producing their own kitchen project, it is necessary to make the maximum design modules in standard sizes facades, otherwise for each custom size facade, you will pay several times. Buy MDF for kitchen furniture at any organization, but it's better to do it yourself in a company that manufactures furniture fronts MDF. Acquired facades in an organization that produces them, will cost twice cheaper than those bought at a furniture company or acquired in building hypermarkets. Kitchen MDF film coated not need additional treatment of type edge banding, etc. , and making holes for hinges and handles you can immediately hang them on your furniture . In addition, manufacturers offer a wide range of fronts color gamut film facades, as well as carry out the delivery to all areas of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Manufacturing standard and custom facades made from 2-4 weeks. Therefore, you can easily order and buy elevations, any colors and sizes.
On the facades of plastic, painted, lacquered and other decorative sheet materials, everything is much easier and faster. They, as well as furniture parts are cut on the map based on the thickness of the cutting edge. Then open ends of parts pasted decorative edge ABS. It is best to use a plastic edge 2mm thick ABS. Looks very nice transparent edge 3D. For such facades materials must be purchased simultaneously with chipboard and fiberboard, and then all in one order and send to the sawing edge trim. The same edge of the facade sheeting aluminum framed profile , but in this embodiment, besides the cutting blades of the facade , even done by milling the perimeter of each facade , which greatly increases the product cost and production time .
Facades , you can choose any size , as long as the size of the facades , exactly the same size as the future of furniture. MDF should be ordered as soon as the project will make their furniture, as their production is time consuming.
Step5. Acquisition of glass or mirrors for furniture.
Make it even easier than buying chipboard. All you have to do - drive a company selling and cutting glass, tell what size of glass or mirror you need and then pay and glass processing services and cutting material. Glass or mirror you can cut in a few minutes, and if need resurfacing or facets, the order is not executed one day. It all depends on the load of the organization at the time of your order. Transport raw around the edges of the glass must be very careful. Glass with clean rezom - it is very brittle material and, in fact, any glass object has an internal voltage, by whatever was manufactured . Polished edges partially relieves stress and creates an additional density of the product. If you order a glass or mirror cabinet compartment in aluminum profile, it is enough to cover the back side with a protective film over the entire surface. Sandwiched aluminum frame glass with silicone profile perimeter problematic break even strong blow. Unless you use a hammer
Step6. Purchase of furniture accessories and fittings.
If you do not have a large sum, then buy accessories and furniture fittings preferably on the basis of specialized wholesale selling furniture accessories and fittings. Or shops selling similar products. Better buy all accessories from well-known companies or manufacturers dealers Italian and German fittings. List of necessary furniture fittings must be calculated in the drafting of future furniture. Use only the chassis hardware that you subsequently have problems finding the necessary ties (SCREW) or screws. The entire list of fasteners Furniture program in the project, as well as map material cutting.
Step 7. Assembling furniture with his own hands.
Facades, furniture parts and accessories with fittings required for assembly and installation of furniture you purchased. Proceed to-assemble furniture and how to install their own hands. Initially prepare manual and electric tools. Check whether there is available all the necessary materials, fasteners, sealants, etc. , if not, buy .
Now let's see the order of assembly and installation of furniture:
1. Mark up all the details of which will be your furniture , and drill holes for fasteners.
2 . Collect frame furniture.
3 . Mark up and drilled holes in the facade panels for hinges and handles.
4 . Cheat guides for boxes and other accessories.
5 . Collect boxes and put in all fronts.

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