Custom furniture from the manufacturer

Custom furniture from the manufacturer

Custom furniture from the manufacturer

Custom furniture - kids furniture, kitchen cabinets coupe


Furniture for children

Furniture for children's rooms on request. Many color options for your choice of material and size of children's furniture depend only on your wishes. According to your desire for children can be made of several colors. All furniture is custom made exclusively from environmentally friendly and tested material. Any furniture manufactured in a very short time. Call us and see.

Children's Furniture

It seemed that recently brought you a baby from the hospital. But then you look around, and it becomes clear that the toys in the house is so much that they do not fit, in any special boxes or nets in the nursery. It is urgent to do something, and then the purchase of furniture for children is a priority.

Children's furniture will solve the problem of organizing the living space of the child: shelves or closed cabinets for toys, wardrobes, two children's bunk beds - these are some pieces of furniture, which makes buying a cozy nursery.

Furniture for children's room must be multifunctional, safe and hygienic. Do not forget about the child's workplace, where he could draw or do homework without bending your posture and not spoiling the vision in low light conditions.

Children's wall or furniture systems

Special attention to the section of Children's Corner student deserves a wall - a multifunctional children's furniture, computer desk, wardrobe compartment, chest of drawers and a bed on the second tier is also called the bed loft.

Custom Kitchen

We suggest ordering a kitchen on an individual project.

If you appreciate the uniqueness and originality, and practicality and functionality of furniture, it is causing our gager designer, you can without spending extra money to get quality done by your order kitchen furniture that will delight you every day for years.

Our wizard will discuss with you all the functionality and design elements for your future kitchen will select the best solutions, taking into account all the nuances of the room. After performing precise measurements will be made a sketch kitchen and determined the final cost of the project.

The cost of food is calculated individually and depends on many parameters:

The materials used (wood, MDF, plastic). Kitchen Fronts of the array are very expensive. MDF and plastic due to modern developments have high strength, wear resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance and are relatively inexpensive kitchen fronts.

The class used by the hardware. The cost of fittings for kitchens is ten times worse. We propose to establish high-quality fittings, as durability and ease of your furniture will depend on the component parts and accessories.

The design of the kitchen units. The simpler the design of kitchen units, the cheaper it will be worth your furniture. Take advantage of our services and place an order for kitchen furniture.

The width of the kitchen units. One cabinet width of 900mm. be cheaper of the two are similar in design cabinet width of 450mm. The presence of stained glass. Glass doors, as well as various trim elements, increases the cost of kitchen furniture.

Check out the wizard in the metering room or designer worth 500 rubles, but

in the case of a decision to order a kitchen from us, the cost of services the designer, or gager space is subtracted from the total cost of the kitchen. Time of making food to order is 20 - 30 days depending on complexity of design or material.

Closet to order

Designs are not limited cabinet compartment. Art-Design offers a wide selection of various components used in the manufacture of furniture to order - laminated chipboard, glass, mirrors, rattan, bamboo and decorative laminate. We also offer time-tested system for cabinets coupe Raumplus or its analogs (not China and Turkey) and in rare cases of compartment for cabinets Komandor (when opening the door for the compartment is too narrow). You can only select the right texture and color to pick up a closet in the interior of his apartment. Our consultants, designers will always help you if necessary.

Most importantly, custom closet was not only beautiful, but also qualitative. What does this mean in terms of buyer? First of all, the closet should be comfortable, durable, reliable, durable and environmentally friendly natural. All this is impossible without high-quality materials.

A company Art-Design does not skimp on the materials from which your furniture is made. Sales and manufacturing of custom-made furniture is made using environmentally friendly and safe for human and animal health, materials and components that are certified in accordance with the law. Our furniture meets all the requirements and European standards.

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