Под заказ изготовление детской мебели. Children's furniture

Мебель на заказ детская по индивидуальным размерам недорого в СПб.

«Арт-Дизайн Мебель» — фабрика детской мебели на заказ в Санкт-Петербурге. Производство мебели для детей по индивидуальным размерам.

Добро пожаловать на официальный сайт мебельной компании «Арт-Дизайн Мебель»! Больше 20 лет наш профессиональный коллектив успешно занимается изготовлением детской мебели на заказ по индивидуальным размерам. Мы делаем все, чтобы результат превзошел ожидания, и вы захотели обратиться к нам снова!

Наши преимущества:

  • Изготовление детской мебели на заказ недорого и по принципу «точно в срок»;

  • Индивидуальные решения — под каждый заказ создается БЕСПЛАТНЫЙ дизайн-проект;

  • Производство изделий на высокоточном оборудовании (Германия);

  • Качественная и надежная фурнитура;

  • Функциональность и эргономичность;

  • Экологическая безопасность материалов (соответствие европейским требованиям Е1);

  • Разнообразие форм и сложности конструкций;

  • Контроль качества на всех этапах производства;

  • Высокое качество сборки;

  • Сертификационная документация;

  • Гарантия, дальнейшее обслуживание и ремонт мебели.

Мы поможем выстроить эксклюзивный интерьер вашей детской, или помещений детского учреждения!


Children's furniture from the production of "Art Design"

Furniture company «Art Design» by the non-standard furniture creates interiors children's rooms, spotless on modern design furniture and quality of execution . Children's furniture to order for individual projects can bring to life any child's and your dream! Presented on our website collection of children's furniture made in accordance with your wishes and fantasies - in a classic style and modern. At the request of the customer's colors of baby furniture can be any corresponding interior nursery. All the children's furniture is represented by the executed orders, the size of furniture can be just as any, corresponding to the dimensions of children's rooms, size mattress and your wishes.
Choosing furniture for children's rooms or for child care: what is necessary to pay attention
based on solid experience in producing children's furniture that house, that for kindergarten - children's furniture should be the same as for adults, only much better and higher quality! The concept of «baby furniture» - not just words, it is composed of concrete foundations of design and production:
Ergonomics and usability of children's furniture. Deciding to buy baby furniture, pay attention to the functionality and size of the entire ordered furniture. Children Cabinets should not be too deep, although how quickly children grow up, you can purchase immediately a large closet. Chests - should be light and compact and chairs - height-adjustable table and the growth of the child. Children grow imperceptibly fast, so you can save a lot, and get right sized furniture suitable adult, unless space allows a child's room.
The color scheme of nursery furniture. It is desirable that the furniture in the children's room was done in bright colors. Psychologists say that the presence of bright colors are needed to set the mood, but too bright colors in the interior of a children's room will be tiring for your child and yourself.
Non-standard children's furniture. The living space of a child's room should have its own individual interior, creating positive emotions and mood of the child. In an unusual children's room with custom furniture is interesting to live, it is interesting child to do homework, play and easy to restore order among the huge number of children's clothes and toys.
O Safety of children's furniture. Of course, all items of children's furniture should be made from high quality and environmentally friendly materials and accessories. With our environment are unacceptable odors from materials and mattresses, furniture defects in the processing and the presence of sharp corners. In furnishing a child's room undesirable glass and mirrors, if only in a cupboard compartment with aluminum profile and the processing of the glass surface with a protective film on the back side. A small child, even a teenager is not always aware of the danger, so it is in the child's best to buy stable and sturdy furniture, much stronger than for adults.
Zoning and the perfect children's room furnishings.
Select at the site and order baby furniture for the house - it's half the battle. The most important thing is perfect plan space of a child, because children's room - this room, and a study place and play, and all should be your space. Child's room preferably divided into three parts: one part for sleeping, one for training and the third biggest for the games. In embodiments, a child's room for a teenager child's room can be divided into two zones: the "place for learning" - a written or computer desk and "vacation spot" - a bed or sofa with comfortable seating and TV coverage.
A place to study: Main desktop Meta child - is adequate lighting and ease of writing, as well as work and play on the computer. Note that the child does not eat left-handed, light or light from the windows should cover the left side of the desk, so that the shadow of the hand does not interfere with normal homework.
Sleeping: Sleeping part of a child's room contains a bed or sofa, nightstand or dresser, as well as a convenient night light. Young children and teenagers love bunk beds or loft beds that give zest to the children's room and space saving children's room. In the loft bed in the bottom of the desk is ideally located with lots of shelves and drawers and a small children's wardrobe.
A place to play: The game space is a child's room can be for the safety and comfort of children lay a carpet. Place the chest of drawers for toys or low cabinets, of which the child would be convenient to get something, lying or sitting on the floor, as well as other necessary baby furniture. Our production is not only produces children's furniture to order, our designers will create a living space and the interior of the nursery. Book a children's furniture in our company and make your child happy!

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