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A special place in the lives of everyone around him is the interior. In turn, the interior of the central role played by, of course, furniture. In the distant past have sunk lowly and primitive forms, now people are paying great attention to comfort, style, beauty and elegance.

Before the furniture manufacturers in St Petersburg is not an easy task to combine in their products all the qualities to satisfy the most refined tastes and desires of the consumer.

More than 12 years (since 2000), holds a strong position in the market of furniture company "Art-Design" is due to the high mobility in the field of demand, instant response to any changes in fashion trends in furniture and high quality service.

Any customer furniture company "Art-Design" can be qualified by our company to create a very exclusive furniture, it is enough at least visually represent it the desired shape.

Do you want an ultra-modern furniture from high quality materials and strict or classic furniture with glass display cases?

If you have any wishes for furniture design boldly go to a furniture company "Art-Design". The exhibition inside the company experienced professionals will help you determine the preferences, choose the best value for money.

Loyal customers of our furniture company, of course, pleases the discount system, when re-ordering the furniture, the problem of free delivery of orders to your home.

  • Адрес:
    Art-Design   -  Санкт-Петербург,
    Химиков д.28

  • Телефон:
    8 (812) 987-36-42

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    Пн - Пт: 10:00 - 22:00
    Сб - Вс: 11:00 - 22:00

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