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St. Petersburg - kitchen design, kitchen interior, kitchen custom

St. Petersburg - kitchen design, kitchen interior, kitchen custom

The design of kitchen space and furniture for the kitchen - a very complicated process. Designing the kitchen space for future furniture should be started prior to the posting of communications and repairs. Most of the furniture designers are faced with the fact that the kitchen renovation is finished and sockets and communication have already been withdrawn is not clear where. In such embodiments, the design of the kitchen is not done, and fit arrangement of kitchen shelves and cabinets for ready communication. Though all should be quite the opposite. As a result, the problem with the arrangement of modules and therefore kitchen installation difficulties with food mass cutouts outlet pipes, etc.
There is a small kitchen a reality in which our Soviet apartments, and a theory of design and interior design kitchen facilities. And, usually, on the theory of the ideal all done just in the kitchen with a normal area, and where the repair is done, as agreed with the project of kitchen furniture. But if you have time with the project, some of the theory can be applied in the apartments "studios" and "Khrushchev."
First you need to determine the solution of several problems associated with the location of a dishwasher and washing machine, gas meter tapped location cooker with extractor hood and washer where it will be located. Just do not forget about the extra wiring for lighting the kitchen surfaces, stoves, and other appliances that will be in your kitchen.
kitchen furniture in classic styleIf you have a gas stove, the gas supply to the stove from the meter is recommended to use the gas hoses are not the usual thin black and thick with 35-40millimetrov (usually blue or yellow). They, unlike standard hoses, multi-layer soft shell, and a hose with a sharp bend twist or pinch the flow of gas. If the distance from the tube to the plate about three feet, it is best to take two and a half meter of hose to avoid tension and bending the gas hose. And your future cooking surface or plate will be easier to install or simply move away from the wall, because it is tied to the length of the gas hose.
Now let's consider the question of the location of extraction. For example, the design of future kitchen includes not hinged, and recessed extractor. It's worth noting that the duct or vent will be held for the first corrugated wall shelf above the hood, and then, on top of the modules to the ventilation shaft. If you have the upper modules are not high, the part of the exhaust vent is visible. At the height of the upper module 710-720millimetrov, stands to make a small shield that will block the visible exhaust duct. At high modules, exhaust duct is not visible. It is better to use a plastic box instead of a corrugated pipe - less noise and easier to install and replace.
When designing a kitchen can bring together the best upper wall and ceiling modules through ducts in the ceiling which is mounted in the repair of the ventilation tube. It turns out much nicer, less dirt and vent will be located directly above the hood.
Ideal option of designing the design and layout of kitchen furniture is the creation of the triangle with the areas of refrigerator, stove and sink. Placing three of these positions are located preferably at equal distances from each other, will allow you to cook in the kitchen with maximum functionality and at the same time without spending too much time on walking around the kitchen. If you cook a complete meal with the inconvenient location, such as one of these areas, it is only by walking will take more than one hundred meters, even if you and a small kitchen area. Many small size kitchen and refrigerator passed in the hallway, which also adds a constant walking from the kitchen to the hallway and back. In normal layout of kitchen furniture can be placed in the kitchen a lot.
Communications water supply and sanitation in the kitchen - is also very important aspects of the project of the future of kitchen furniture. The water supply to the sink, dishwasher and washing machine is basic with additional hoses or pipes, but the increase in the sewer drain pipe - more problematic, since the discharge must stand on an incline. If you decide to put the sink at the window, and not enough slope for the normal discharge, it is possible to install a forced sewer system. In the manufacture of kitchen furniture Our company provides 80 mm gap between the wall and the bottom insert for pipe penetrations, this distance is enough for communications wiring. The same tolerances given in kitchen furniture made in Italy. But, if the pipe is in the way of a standard depth dishwasher or washing machine, you need to advance Grooves wall under the pipe or if the area can make the lower kitchen units by 100 millimeters deep. In kitchens IKEA there are no tolerances or under the pipe, or under the electrician. If you decide to buy a kitchen IKEA, then be prepared to rework most of the modules for a normal installation of kitchen units. On this page, we have tried to tell you just a few options for kitchen design, its construction and design. The tastes and preferences of all totally different, and how to design a kitchen space and furniture, is possible only together, taking into account all your wishes and requirements that will listen to the designer and will be able to offer you a suitable option for you cuisine.
All questions on the location and design of kitchen furniture, as well as filling it with all sorts of kitchen accessories, you decide with our designers. To do this, the designer comes to you with all the samples and creates a preliminary draft of the kitchen, and zamerschik carefully removes all the dimensions of the room. From our experience, hurry up with the choice is not necessary, you also create a kitchen that should please you more than a dozen years.
To order the kitchen, you just need to make a request to the page you liked the kitchen "to ask a question about furniture"
Or call the designer with zamerschik through "mail form"
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