Программа PRO100 и KitchenDraw

Программы для проектирования мебели


Наверное, каждый мечтает превратить свою квартиру, будь это небольшое помещение квартиры студия или огромный многоэтажный загородный дом. Сделать из обычного места проживания в «ДОМ» с большой буквы – комфортный, теплый, уютный, куда всегда хочется возвращаться, где красота интерьера и меблировки находится в тесной связи с комфортом и удобством, в дом, где все создано с помощью собственной фантазии и с учетом собственных желаний и предпочтений. Подробнее о мебельных программах Вы можете узнать тут >>>

Программы для проектирования мебели

Programs for the design of furniture

Probably everyone dreams of turning his apartment, whether it is a small room studio apartment or a huge multi-storey country house. Make a usual place of residence at 'home' with a capital letter - comfortable, warm, cozy, where you always want to come back, where the beauty of the interior and furniture is in close connection with the comfort and convenience of a home where everything is created by your own imagination and according to their own desires and preferences.
For those who can not draw, made programs, to create furniture and interior space

More recently, at the end of the last century, the designers had to manually draw a lot of sketches of furniture and interior design projects, or make application of colored paper that symbolized the furniture and other home furnishings and communication, and arrange them on a large sheet of cardboard, symbolize a room or building . It should be long and tedious to explain to customers or friends who do not have your artistic imagination, as still in your plan will look like an apartment or building, in reality, when your project materialize. Now this time-consuming option of creating furniture or arrangement of the room in the world of modern technology - yesterday.
Now create the furnishings for your home computer to help special furniture program. With the help of furniture programs can make furniture the way you want it to be: choose the color gamut of the material of furniture, furniture fronts, to create the right lighting, to pick up and place your furniture with the size of the room. And then you see the furniture created in three dimensions, that is exactly how it will look in-kind furniture. Given the aisles between the furniture, easy opening doors, etc. And to paint the future in your hand furniture you do not need, it will make the furniture program. Design a child's room, kitchen, dressing room, closet or hallway is not difficult, and if you are the owner of a small apartment or studio apartment "Khrushchev," then with the help of furniture programs will be able to arrange the furniture so the interior to the maximum benefit and functionality of each tap inch of precious space of a small room. Furniture of architect and now a huge number of programs, as our resource furniture, then focus only on the basic furniture programs and programs of architects with furnishing apartments.
What programs are working furniture companies and architects

KitchenDraw program is designed primarily for shops interior furniture design studio and furniture store, not only for the creation of kitchen furniture based on the name of the program, but any other furniture and interior design. It allows you to develop a design project of furniture for your apartment interior, selecting high-precision dimensions, housing, materials, colors, arrange the furniture in the apartment and demonstrate how to look at the life you've created for the particular elements of the interior lighting in a particular room made of specific materials selected. Also in the program there is a photo mode where you have created the picture looks like a living. At your disposal program KitchenDraw provide many different varieties of furniture from which you can choose the most suitable for you and for the interior of your apartment. In addition, Furniture program KitchenDraw can draw your furniture project, taking into account all the nuances. You have the opportunity to create a design - models built in wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes, kitchens and other interior items, given the prorisovyvaya the smallest details of the design, and then look at the results of his work in the volume representation. The program is also able to offer KitchenDraw best option arrangement of furniture in the space of your home.
The program PRO100 - this is a completely independent furniture program for the design of furniture and interior design creation with immediate stereoscopic visualization created by the project. PRO100 program is easy and professional service solutions, intuitive interface and a variety of different devices, the ability to create their own projects, furniture parts, materials, and enjoyment of many, ready-made modules of furniture and interiors. At any time, thanks to the program PRO100, get access to the automatic update of the calculation of cutting parts and components, estimate the cost of materials and furniture design, visual projections with drawing sizes, the ability to print the project furniture. The program is completely automated, requires only a computer, a laptop with the operating system Windows. PRO100 program applies to all stages of the design process of furniture, on which the user wants the program to simplify your work, building on the achievements of computer technology. And so, Furniture program PRO100 can be used for furniture design and interior design of the future, to create your own library projects, furniture, materials and accessories for planning the use of materials and fittings and fixtures in the production of furniture. PRO100 program used to create or interior decoration, or, finally, to assist in the direct sale of furniture - at each of these stages is available immediately visualization, different types of types of materials, the cost estimate and cutting materials. Because the program PRO100 - almost a professional product, it can withstand use in small factories, own home use or small furniture store and a large furniture stores and furniture factories that have huge amounts of orders. Easy maintenance program PRO100 (since most of the operations in the program can be done with a click of the mouse), the speed of the program, as well as the possibility of an intensive introduction of changes in the project of furniture, really facilitates the work of furniture designers and production itself. Furniture program PRO100 is a fully automated system - for efficiency, does not require a computer is no other program except of Windows. Working with furniture PRO100 program restores the natural process of creating furniture design - the user program, all the time working with ready furniture elements (tile materials chipboard), making them into a virtual reality space the same interior. Using a furniture program PRO100, you can design your own component library furniture or furniture made modules, ready projects and furniture materials and accessories, or use the standard library attached to standard projects, etc. Furniture program PRO100 - is a universal program providing support to furniture manufacturers and designers of any type of furniture - children's furniture, kitchen furniture, office and hotel furniture, wardrobe rooms, fitted wardrobes and sliding door wardrobes and other furniture for special purposes - laboratory furniture, Care, or business equipment.
Most of the operations in the furniture program PRO100, related to the design of furniture is sold quickly and easily using the keyboard and mouse - like a computer game. Another convenience to use the program is a set of toolbars at the top of the window, containing a number of useful editing tools furniture designer of the project, such as for example, rearranging furniture, positioning, alignment of parts, an overview of furniture from any angle. Each piece of furniture project, located in the project has its own Properties window, where special tools can give him some form: name, size, type of material, assignment to specific groups of nesting material, the cost of the furniture and the like. Crude project is very similar to the layers in Photoshop. In general, Furniture program PRO100 is a serious tool that help the designer furniture in his work. Established in the furniture program PRO100 interior room and furniture can look in several projections, as well as a perspective projection. The relevant instruments of furniture design program PRO100 automatically resize designed furniture and interior design in general. Work in the furniture PRO100 program facilitates several orders of colors: wire frame furniture, interior sketch, color, and texture of materials, as well as full, realistic visualization of the interior. For each of the modules of furniture can switch on different effects such as translucency, contours or fill color. All changes in the project are immediately reflected in all structures of the furniture program - from a cost comparison of the elements created for all elements of the visualization project, including realistic. Create a project room furniture in the furniture program PRO100 in minutes. At each stage of the work program in the furniture PRO100 can freely modify employed in the project modules to quickly add and remove elements of accessories, shelves, separate boxes, nets, holders or furniture as a whole, one lye mouse to change the colors of the furniture or the interior as a whole or part of the furniture or interior design. All these features, Furniture program PRO100 is the perfect professional software to work directly with the customer on the furniture. After approval of the project of furniture, the user program PRO100, can use the tab "New Cutting" - all the details of the project furniture are automatically transferred to the card cut into sheets of chipboard with the specified dimensions. Cutting tool material optimizes and facilitates the distribution of parts for furniture boards, making the whole process from design to print the finished furniture cards cut material can be implemented in a matter of minutes.

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