Installation furniture

Installation and adjustment of furniture

How to set and adjust the furniture after the move!

We'll tell you a little about the different little things after the move, or just push the furniture that seem ignorant people insignificant, but they determine the general, the type of furniture installed in your home.

Let's start with the most important. How beautiful it looked furniture necessary to adjust the level, if the furniture is built, it is adjustable in all planes, to which it adheres. The built-in cabinets coupe regulated sliding doors on the walls of the room. Adjust door coupe (Raum Plus or analogues of aluminum systems) - elementary, come unstuck at the lower edge of the side door plug or buffer strips, and twisted hexagon bolt. Spinning, you lift the side, twisting, - omit.

Adjusting the level of furniture

Do not be lazy to use level in self-assembly furniture, flat on the furniture looks much better than in the woods for firewood ... Check the level of the vertical as possible on the side of the rack furniture and horizontal furniture, or on the bottom shelf of the base product. If your cabinet compartment or kitchen furniture set adjustable feet level is not difficult, because you can set the level by placing only the bottom of the furniture. To adjust the time correctly assembled on the kitchen cabinet compartment adjustable rod rather manually tweaks the adjustment feet. If the cabinet is in recess and it supports standard mortise, then you should pull or push off the wall, pre-roll or by the level to see how to twist or spin the support, with one party or another. If the adjustable feet are missing - something that puts a tight rack under the cabinet, such as pieces of plywood. So as not to scratch the expensive parquet flooring with all these shifting cabinet, stick to the racks cabinet protective pads. They are sold at any hardware, construction or furniture store. If you do not want to look for them in stores, you can make them at home. Take the double sided tape and a piece of felt. Scotch glued to the felt, then cut out the lining required shape and size. Lift the cabinet "montazhku" or other materials at hand, remove the protective film from the adhesive tape and kleite to a rack or pedestal cabinet.

Adjusting the kitchen door or other furniture

Almost all furniture hinges whether invoices, deposits, removable floor, rotary transformers or loop - adjustable, usually the same. In Italian-made loops, front adjustment easier at times. What is the adjustment of the front - the doors are moved up and down, left or right and front to back. Adjusting the door up and down at the expense of oval holes through the loop, which is attached with screws to the side of the furniture. Raise or lower the facade through these elongated holes is possible only on the 3-4millimetra not more, if there is a need to raise or lower the door to a greater distance, you need to rearrange all the basics of loops on the side. In today's real hinges manufacturers of accessories, there is no need for twisting loops and loosening screws, adjust the door up and down is done by adjusting screws.

To adjust the door back and forth to loosen the screw which is screwed into the loop itself to its base? It is located at the end of the loop from the edge of the furniture.

To adjust the door to the right and to the left, or turn out to screw the hinge bushing. For easy adjustment sleeve, you can also just loosen the screw hinges. After full adjustment, be sure to tighten.

If you are unable to perfectly adjust the door relative to the case of furniture and each other, so the body itself furniture is skewed, that is, he is not aligned with the diagonal of the back of the set. If this is the kitchen, you can see if it will pull the module is adjustable canopies, this occurs when the walls of the curves.

Adjusting the front of the drawer

First you need to check whether the level is, for example kitchen module or closet, chest of drawers, bedside table or other furniture in which you adjust the boxes together. If the furniture is straight, body assembled correctly, boxes and doors are crooked, they have to be adjusted. Usually the doors drawers in custom furniture bolted to the body with screws from inside the box, and pressed through bolt handle boxes, this version will only re-install the front of the box. You will need to unscrew all fronts, switch them from top to bottom, so as not to coincide the opening of screws, which are screwed facades. There are several options for installing a front portion of the box, take a couple of the most common.

First. Glued to the box body double sided tape a couple of strips, remove the protective film and the front side is glued to the body of the box, even if successful, then immediately bolted the old facade screws inside the box, and kleite next. If the furniture is custom-made, you have to through the old handle holes in the facade, to drill holes in the case, if the factory, the holes are aligned, although it is not a fact.

The second option is even easier and more convenient, and much faster. Exposed front side exactly as needed, through the holes for handles bolted to the chassis with screws facade outside the box. In this state, the facade can be slightly adjusted. Then fasten the facade from the inside box. Then unscrews the screws on the front side and dosverlivaete screw holes for the handle. If you have the skill and the normal power tool , then the second option is done on a dresser or cabinet with several drawers in five minutes.

To adjust the system BLUM kitchen drawers or conventional meta - boxes, removed the side of the box and plug set screws, slide the front side elementary box up, down, forward and back. It's almost the same as in the adjustment loops. If the above mentioned tips on adjusting facades boxes do not work, you can rearrange the mount on the facia or rearrange themselves Drawer up or down if you do not have enough control attachment system. Although the control system BLUMOTION front part up and down on a 10-15mm, and the right and left on the 4-8mm.

If you have no experience in furniture assembly , or simply do not have time, leave the assembly and installation of furniture professional furniture assemblers our a furniture company.


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